Dear bioPhilly Friends!
We are excited to continue our 2nd Bird Habitat Workshop with all of you! Join us on December 6th, 2016, at 7pm at Andropogon Associates, drinks and snacks will be provided.
Tuesday December 6, 2016
7:00 pm
Andropogon: 4141 Station Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127.
Once again, we are so grateful to have Keith Russel from Audubon in attendance to help us sketch out an overlay on our Philly Story map (thank you Veronica Anderson!), which begins to imagine the city as a bird habitat sanctuary, and as a comfortable stop, rest & feed place for migrating birds. Let’s better understand the needs of our feathery friends (thank you Keith!).
And let’s consider neighborhood healthy birdsong cover and how it directly impacts our own health.

Helena van Vliet will speak briefly about the direct link between the experience of wild nature and our own physiological health, as well as about some exciting partnership opportunities for habitat work in the city.

So together let’s imagine the city as a contiguous living green tapestry. Let’s establish where the ‘voids’ are in this tapestry and give those ‘voids’ names – place names or bird sanctuary names – and then let’s organize ourselves into teams to investigate each place’s characteristics, its micro climate and bird-needs in greater detail. Let’s ‘adopt’ micro bird sanctuary places and see what we can do.
Let’s make this personal!

Let’s also identify who we can partner with (some of that already happening…).

Please find a summary of the complied notes from our joint efforts from the last workshop HERE, and a live link to our bird habitat progress map HERE.
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