March, 2014

Please join us: The Biophilic Cities Project

Growing beyond ‘green’ in Philadelphia

The Biophilic Cities Project was launched in October 2013 by Tim Beatley,Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities School of Architecture, University of Virginia. Just two years later, nine major cities world-wide are in the network. In the U.S. these include San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix and Milwaukee. Other cities, such as Washington DC, are on the verge.

The network seeks to expand beyond “green” into an agenda, which extends beyond conventional urban parks, and beyond building-centric green design. It is about redefining the very essence of resilient cities as places of wild and restorative nature, from rooftops to roadways to riverfronts. It is about understanding cities as places that already harbor much nature and places that can become, through bold vision and persistent practice, even greener and richer in the nature they contain.

This event brings together two international leaders in the Biophilia Movement,Tim Beatley and Bill Browning, with local proponents and practitioners. It seeks to introduce “beyond Green” to the the community of local and regional sustainability and environmental networks in and around Philadelphia. Included are leading members of the health care community, since physiological health is one of the demonstrated benefits of biophilic urbanism.

Photo, above, by Fredda Lippes, Green Roof Lead Coordinator: Fredda Lippes City of Philadelphia

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Join us:
April 16th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
At the Philadelphia Library
The Skyline Room, 4th Floor
1901 Vine St.
Philadelphia, PA

$25 DVGBC members. $35 DVGBC non-members.
Wine, beer and light fare included.
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